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5 tips to lose 15 pounds fast

In an effort to help people achieve a healthier weight and adopt healthier life habits, I have come up with a short list of five simple things you can change in your life that will help you lose weight quickly . The trick to it though, is that you have to make them a habit. How do you make it a habit exactly? Real simple: you need to practice said habit every single day , for 28 days . After that it will become as automatic to you as brushing your teeth every morning. It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it before, but you just won't feel right if you don't continue these habits after 28 days. So take a deep breath and relax... this is going to be fun! [1] Give up the white stuff for 28 days. Before the start of the 28 day clock, go through your entire house and anything that is white, get rid of it! For example : White Bread White Rice White Flour White Sugar White Salt White Milk White Potatoes Does this mean that you can never eat th

why meat is bad for you

Ever since I made the decision to stop eating meat, we have encountered a lot of resistance and skepticism from our friends and family regarding our new lifestyle choice. And while I could not care less about what anybody else thinks of us or our way of life, for personal reasons I felt compelled to write an article to help explain to everyone exactly why we stopped eating meat, and why you should too. So here it goes. 1. It is morally wrong . How can anyone claim to be an animal lover , if you are also an animal eater ? As a vegetarian, I have absolutely no reservations about eating any : fruit, vegetable, bean or nut; because I know that every variety is delicious and nutritious. Now, do you think that a truly carnivorous animal cares about what type of meat it will eat when it gets hungry? No, because they are true meat eaters. Therefore, they eat any and all meat, regardless of species, and they eat it raw and bloody . Sometimes they even resort to eating their own kind!

what you need to know before running a marathon

Brief History: My first race ever was a 25k (15.5 Miles) in May of 2010. After completing that race, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would run my first full marathon. Five months later, that dream came true. I trained hard and studied everything I possibly could regarding what one should do before attempting to run their first marathon. And after sixteen weeks of training and studying, I still hit the wall at mile 22 and struggled to finish. Below is a general outline explaining some of the major mistakes I made during that first race, along with some great advice on what you can do to avoid them. Enjoy! Before you even begin training: First and foremost, if you are like me and you sweat a lot, read this article on how to sweat proof your running workouts. Before you even think about whether you should run a marathon or not, you must commit this nutrition information to memory ! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Set yourself up for success by first

you repeat the lesson until you learn it

By the time I first entered the doors of high school, I had grown into a rather bulky young man. When my freshmen year came to a close, so too went the days of easy gym class. Upon entering the 10th grade, I was forced to choose between taking either a weight training class or aerobics for my physical education credit - I chose weight training. That first day was a real challenge. To get us warmed up, our teacher had us run an "easy" mile around the indoor track. Suffice it to say, I was the last person in my entire class to finish. That one mile took me over 15 minutes to complete - and that was only the warm up ! By the end of class, I was dripping with sweat and wreaked to high heaven. As hard as that first day was, there was something magical about that class. It fundamentally changed my attitude towards exercise, and that attitude is still with me to this day. Thanks to that class, I went from about 250lbs to 200lbs in only one semester! I was also ru

keep it simple stupid

I have come across some people recently that were so brainwashed and so dependent on the opinions and acceptance of others, that they had completely forgotten what it's like to think for themselves. After Interacting with such people, I feel that it is important that I clarify for you now the distinctions between what is popularly true in our culture, and what is actually true. To start off, I get that a lot of people think it's weird that I believe in such "radical" ideas as self health care and living healthy ; and I am perfectly fine with that. The last thing I want to be in this messed up culture of ours is "normal". Normal is broke, overweight, apathetic and blind to the truth. I do not want to be normal, I want to be weird. Truth be told though, five years ago even I would have thought that the me of today was absolutely nuts. I mean, who in their right mind: runs forty miles a week, doesn't eat meat, doesn't have or want traditiona

healthy weight but still fat?

What a lot of people do not realize these days, is that being thin and looking good in your clothes gets you nowhere in life if you do not have the fitness to back that ass up. Let me explain... There are ( approximately ) four types of people in this world: People who are visibly fat. People who are visibly athletic, fit and trim. People who are visibly average-looking and fit. People who are visibly average-looking, yet surprisingly out of shape and over fat . Unfortunately, with popular culture being what it is, many young adults today fall into the fourth category. The pressure to look good in their clothes has convinced a lot of people that being thin enough to fit into a pair of skinny jeans is all it takes to make it in this world. This short-sighted way of thinking has been around for decades, and has created a terrible pattern that I believe needs to change -- before it's too late! These people can not comprehend how they could possibly be at a