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why you should exercise (especially men)

When I was on my seven mile run this morning, I got to thinking about all the tremendous changes that have taken place in my life since I adopted this active lifestyle. The more I started to think, the more I realized how helpful this information might be to other people – especially men (since I am of course writing this from a male's perspective). So below you'll find a list of random things that popped into my head today that I would like to share with you that have impacted my life in a positive way since I adopted this healthy, active lifestyle. Enjoy! 1. Larger (male) genitals Yes, throughout my life I have had many ups and downs in regard to my weight. In sixth grade I was rather chunky and unfortunately that stuck around for a while. So right at the time when we were starting to take showers after gym class in the sixth grade, I happened to be the big kid in the locker room. One thing I was always uncomfortable with back then was the size of my privates compared t

how to lose weight and keep it off

There is (literally) a huge problem going on in this country today. Statistically about 68% of Americans are overweight and about one third are clinically obese! What makes matters worse is that these numbers continue to climb – where will it end?! Three years ago I was a part of this frightening epidemic, then one day I decided that enough was enough. For most of my life I was in denial over what I was feeding myself every day until I could no longer hide from it. If you are looking for advice from somebody who has actually been in your shoes and can understand how you are feeling, I urge you to keep reading. If you are not then I am sure you know someone in your life that is in need and could benefit from this information. If you do then please share this article on your facebook wall or on twitter. Who knows? You might inadvertently change someone's life... Step 1. Admitting I had a problem For years I strolled through life paying absolutely no attention to my heal