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health benefits of juicing

It was back in March of 2011 when my wife and I first started to seriously consider buying our own juicer. It all started when we were first introduced to the documentary, Food Matters . I remember I was at the library in the non-fiction section, and for some reason this DVD caught my eye. After I read the back of the DVD, I had a feeling I was going to get hooked. After watching it, I was completely blown away with the sheer simplicity of it all - it made all the sense in the world to me. The sheets that had been pulled over my eyes to blind me from the truth had finally been removed, to finally reveal the simple truths that had been staring not only me, but the rest of us in the face for our entire lives . The hook below the title of the film summed it up so eloquently: You are what you eat . In the film, several experts in the field of nutrition are interviewed and discuss in great detail the positive benefits of eating raw, organic foods. They also discuss the terrib

how to take care of yourself

It's been said that if you read at least three books on any particular subject, you will essentially become an expert on that subject. So based on that saying - and after everything I have read in regard to health, the human body and nutrition, and especially after all the weight I've lost on my own - I would consider myself somewhat of a self-educated expert in these particular fields of study. That said, it is my opinion that our health care system and our western diet and way of life is causing our culture far more harm than good. And I believe that with a little bit of education, there is something we can all do to change it. First we must face facts. We have not been taking proper care of ourselves have we? To make matters worse, many people have begun looking to government for assistance. But the truth is that in order to change our lives and make things right again, we are going to have to start taking better care of ourselves on our own. One of the worst trends I

collect experiences not things

In the summer of 2007 I reached a pivotal point in my young adult life. I had everything I thought I could ever want: a large and expensive apartment, a nice big television with a zillion channels, (relatively) nice furniture, artwork on the walls, a closet full of clothes, a kitchen filled with far too many dishes, a brand new car, an albeit crappy but well paying job earning over $25,000 per year. I was on top of the world - at least according to MTV Cribs standards.. But one day I took a look around at all the "things" that I had accumulated over the years and I felt this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach; it was like waking up from a horrible nightmare. It was at that moment I realized, I didn't want this to be my life anymore. The jig was up, I was living a lie. As I gazed about my living room I began really assessing how all this had happened. And then it dawned on me - I had completely given up any hope of living my life for me . Instead I was

how to live naturally

It's safe to say that I've been on an ever-growing "health kick" since I made the choice to change my life and began loosing weight a few years ago. When I first started out, I didn't entirely understand what was happening to my body - or why. All I knew was that I was exercising more than I had ever exercised before in my life and that I was eating healthier and far less often than I used to. But everybody knows that in order to lose weight you have to diet and exercise; that much was clear. What I wanted more than anything was to understand precisely  why these changes were occurring. What was I doing that triggered my body to shift gears? Could the same results be achieved by just anybody - or was I special? In my pursuit for answers I inadvertently discovered a great deal about how we were actually designed to live our lives. As you might have guessed by now, it is drastically different from the way most Americans are choosing to live. Here is a bit of w