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how to stay motivated to exercise

I have been exercising every day now for the past three years. So in this article what I intend to share with you are little tips and tricks that I have picked up or taught myself along the way that have really helped get me out of bed every morning and exercise for (at least) 30 minutes each and every day! I hope you find this both helpful and informative... now let's go!! 1.) You must first understand the fundamental benefits of daily exercise In my opinion, if you do not have a comprehensive understanding of why something is good for you, you are far less likely to do it. When I first started working out every day, I vividly recall struggling to come up with reasons to keep on going. Over time though I learned more and more about what exactly my daily exercises were doing for me and how much they truly would help me out in the future. I learned that daily exercise: Burns fat/calories which will help you lose unwanted pounds and tone up existing muscle mas