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how to take care of yourself

It's been said that if you read at least three books on any particular subject, you will essentially become an expert on that subject. So based on that saying - and after everything I have read in regard to health, the human body and nutrition, and especially after all the weight I've lost on my own - I would consider myself somewhat of a self-educated expert in these particular fields of study.

That said, it is my opinion that our health care system and our western diet and way of life is causing our culture far more harm than good. And I believe that with a little bit of education, there is something we can all do to change it.

First we must face facts. We have not been taking proper care of ourselves have we? To make matters worse, many people have begun looking to government for assistance. But the truth is that in order to change our lives and make things right again, we are going to have to start taking better care of ourselves on our own.

One of the worst trends I have seen thus far is the vast number of people who are attempting to justify their eating unhealthy food by arguing that "eating healthy is too expensive." To that I say, "Give me a break!"

If you haven't noticed, health care costs are not exactly on the decline. Are you seriously trying to tell me you would prefer to eat cheap food that makes you so unhealthy that you are practically forced into spending hundreds of dollars per month on health insurance? Do you see the problem with this way of thinking?

I would bet that if you really took the time, you could just as easily divert what money you are currently spending on calorie-dense junk food at the supermarket, and with it purchase more than enough nutrient rich organic food to actually feed and nourish yourself and your family. Not to mention you would be healthy enough from eating these nutrient dense foods to justify reducing or even eliminating the need for your overpriced "health insurance"; thereby saving you hundreds of dollars a month.

Which plan sounds better to you?

Voting with your dollars

Whether you choose to believe it or not, every time you go to the grocery store to shop you are voting. With every dollar you spend, you are telling the companies that produce those foods that you want to see more of that type of food in the aisles we all share. This is the reason why when we look at the back of most of the foods we buy at our local grocery store, we tend to find a lot of the same unfamiliar, unhealthy ingredients.

So what can we do to make difference?

It's quite simple really: we need to start demanding healthier, organically grown foods.

Supply and Demand

By spending our dollars on organic foods, over time we will start to see more food like it on store shelves. In return, we will begin to experience more abundant and lasting health. And as more people begin to catch on to this concept, we will start to see a shift in the way the rest of our food is produced. But only when we demand organic, quality foods, will farmers and other companies begin supplying us with it.

The companies who continue to penny pinch and deprive us of what we want will ultimately be left with two options: rise to the challenge and change their operation, or fail. This is how economy and agriculture should be operating. But for some reason we have allowed these big failures to thrive and expand - all while putting the American people at risk.

Unfortunately for now this is the way our system is set up. Farmers are strongly encouraged by our government to grow as much corn as they possibly can every season. They respond by cultivating tremendous, record setting crops of nutrient deficient, inedible corn. Then our government steps in and encourages other companies to turn this deficient corn product into an even less nutritionally valuable processed "food" called high fructose corn syrup - which then gets integrated into almost every product in America.

Because of this, the farmers have little incentive to cultivate a crop they can be proud of anymore. Instead, they are forced to focus almost entirely on quantity, not quality.

To make matters worse, the deficient corn product that doesn't get turned into high fructose corn syrup is now being fed to cows and chickens. This unnatural food source ensures the animals grow up very quickly before being hauled off to the slaughterhouse. Then these overweight, malnourished animals are brutally killed and fed to the American people; along with a soda pop filled with high fructose corn syrup to wash it all down with.

Are you getting hungry yet?

So what are we getting out of this deal? Well, all we are getting in return is a cheaply "filled" stomach; a stomach that is only filled with empty calories and barely any usable nutrients. This leaves our bodies still craving real, natural food; food that has real vitamins and minerals. And until we start consuming what our bodies require, we will continue to over eat as a way of compensating. The result of this vicious cycle? We develop: diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, drug problems, headaches, nausea, you name it - all of these dis-eases are designed by nature to tell us that what we are eating is not good enough. What we need is real nourishment, or we will ultimately not survive.

Of course, the same people who are responsible for creating this system are quick to "help us out" by supplying us with FDA approved drugs that claim to "cure" us of our ills - at a hefty price of course. If that wasn't enough, for an even heftier fee you can opt to have a surgeon cut out whatever might be ailing you. And if prescriptions and surgery aren't enough? No worries! They can pump you full of harmful radiation and toxic chemotherapy for several months, then they send you home with fingers crossed, hoping that you survive at least 5 years. Because after 5 years, regardless of your quality of life, you are considered - by definition - a cancer survivor. Sadly, those who wind up living past the 5 year mark do not survive much longer than that. Many more will go into remission and be forced to undergo the same "therapy" several times over before they ultimately perish.

Does that sound like a system that works to you?

What conclusions can we draw from what we have just learned here?
  • Science and technology are not the solution to our health problems.
  • There is little money to siphon off strong and healthy people. And you can't make much money off of dead people either. So it's the chronically sick and living that are most profitable.
  • Our "health care" system has a vested interest in keeping us sick.
  • There is a lot of money being made by distributing pharmaceutical drugs, injecting radiation and chemotherapy, and conducting surgeries in order to keep patients just healthy enough to live and pay their medical bills - but just sick enough to have to continue their expensive treatments. 
So what's the solution? First we must learn about how nature designed us to live - before technology and synthetic drugs were available.

The Human Body: 101

Human beings were designed by god/nature/whoever, to crave and to consume fruits, starches and vegetables. The proof lies within our digestive tract. It is extremely long, which resembles that of many other herbivores that exist throughout the world.

On the contrary, carnivores have a much shorter digestive tract that is designed to quickly absorb the nutrients from raw meat and then quickly eliminate it before it sits too long in the intestine and begins to rot from within.

Another interesting fact: if you were to study the human tongue, you will find that it too was designed by nature to respond most strongly to the tastes of sugars, salts, fruits and vegetables - not meat.

It is only after cooking meat (which significantly reduces and/or eliminates any nutritional value it may have had) and topping it with loads of ketchup (high fructose corn syrup) and salty seasonings, can we actually tolerate eating it. But again, it's only serving the purpose of "filling up our stomachs" and does not actually provide us with much nutrition at all.

Health throughout the course of history 

It's been said that if we want to know our past, we only need look at our present condition. If we want to know our future, we need only look at our present actions. We can't go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and create a new end. It's no coincidence then that overweight parents wind up raising overweight children. But once we understand how we were designed to eat, we can begin applying what we've learned to our own lives, and hopefully pass these good habits down for several generations to come.

We must understand that we are what we eat!

The health problems we face are always going to boil down to our diets. Being healthy is not a gift passed down by god or by our family genetics necessarily - it's a choice. Every day we choose what we are going to put into our mouths. These decisions literally shape us into the people we see in the mirror every day. If we eat what our bodies are designed to eat; things like organic fruits and vegetables, then we will more than likely reflect a person of optimal health, one who will remain healthy for the rest of what is sure to be a long and prosperous life. If we choose to introduce toxic, processed and harmful foods into our system, we will likely pay the price and our bodies will respond unfavorably.

We must break free from the lies we have been conditioned into accepting as fact. We must understand that we are the ones responsible for our own health care. Hospitals should exist only for those who are truly ill or physically injured. And in either case, proper nutrition must remain our top priority. We can't place that responsibility on anyone else but ourselves. It's up to us to find our own balance between responsibly utilizing hospital care, and independently taking care of our own bodies. 

Over time, if we continue demanding healthier, organically grown foods, we will start to see prices go down - and we will set a trend. Eventually, eating healthy will be just as affordable as eating processed junk food is today.

But again, it's about supply and demand, and it's not going to happen unless we start demanding it today.

So take this advice and believe that you can make a difference - that you can choose to become something better. The government has gone to great lengths to ensure you keep sick, but there is nothing they can do to keep you from taking proper care of yourself. The choice is ultimately yours.

And you can start today, by accepting responsibility for your health and learning to use the power of the almighty dollar to vote for change that will positively impact not just your own life, but the life and vitality of the entire world.  

We can't go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and create a new end.


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